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Crossword Answers : QB tackles
SACKS QB tackles
RONALD ___ McKinnon 1st Cardinal with 200 tackles in a season
ADELAIDESLAMENT "Guys and Dolls" song that tackles some questionable pop psychology
EMUS Birds as tall as tackles
HOISTS Blocks and tackles
RIGHT Boxer's punch or one of two tackles
LINE Center guards tackles ends.
LINE Center, guards, tackles, ends
LINE Center, guards, tackles, ends.
LINEMEN Centers and tackles
ALTOSACKS Certain tackles in the All-Choirboys Football League?
INTERNATIONALPAUPER Company that tackles global poverty?
HEFTY Describing guards and tackles
LEAPSON Eagerly tackles
LINE Ends tackles etc.
LINE Ends, tackles, etc
LINE Ends, tackles, etc.
UNHIT Free of tackles
LINEMEN Gridiron guards and tackles
LINEMEN Guards tackles etc.
LINEMEN Guards and tackles
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