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Crossword Answers : Profess.
ASSERT Profess.
AVOW Profess.
WITHOUTLOVE Act II "Hairspray" song in which both couples profess their adoration for one another
AVOW Confess or profess
AVOW Openly profess
AVER Positively profess
ALLEGE Profess
ASSERT Profess
AVOW Profess
MAINE Profess
AVER Profess
AVENGE Profess
PUREE Profess
AVON Profess
AVOID Profess
AVIV Profess
CLAIM Profess
AVENUE Profess
VOW Profess
CIVIL Profess
VOTES Profess
ASPCA Profess
ALITO Profess
AVEENO Profess
AVER Profess as fact
AVER Profess as true
PLEAD Profess one's innocence perhaps
PLEAD Profess one's innocence, perhaps
AVOW Profess openly
PURIM Profess or claim
PURLOIN Profess or claim
PURPORT Profess or claim
AVOW Profess or confess
AVER Profess the truth of
ALLEGE Profess without proof
ASSERT Steadfastly profess
ECOLES Where professeurs profess
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