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Crossword Answers : Prima
DITTO atc 2001 DIVA Jessye Norman, for one atc 2001 DIVA Met star atc 2001 DIVA Prima donna atc 2001 DIVA Star of the opera atc 2001 DIVAS Callas and Price atc 2001 DIVE Jump in head-first atc 200
DITTO atc 2005 DIVA Prima donna atc 2005 DIVA Star of the opera atc 2005 DIVANS Soft seats atc 2005 DIVAS Met stars atc 2005 DIVE Jump in head-first atc 2005 DIVE Seedy bar atc 2005 DIVEBOMBER Kin
LINA ___ Cavalieri, prima donna
LINA ___ Cavalieri, prima donna.
ALLA ___ prima
CAUSA ___ prima
ALLA ___ prima (at once): It
ALLA ___ prima (at once): It.
ALLA ___ prima (at once): Italian
ALLA ___ prima (at once): Italian.
ALLA ___ prima (painting technique that involves only a single application)
ALL ___ prima (painting technique)
ALLA ___ prima (painting technique)
ALLA ___ prima.
CAUSA ___ prima.
MORRO ___, ma prima . . . : Verdi aria
BRAVA 'Well done!' for a prima donna
BRAIN 'Well done!' for a prima donna
MORRO "___, ma prima . . . ": Verdi aria
ECO "L'isola del giorno prima" author
INRED "Lady ___" (Louis Prima song having to do with dress color)
DEGAS "Prima Ballerina" artist
EDGARDEGAS "Prima Ballerina" artist
DEGAS "Prima Ballerina" artist Edgar
DEGAS "Prima Ballerina" painter
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