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Crossword Answers : Prefix often used with "circle"
SEMI Prefix often used with "circle"
All Saints' A small circle of the sphere parallel to the horizon; a circle or parallel of altitude. Two stars which have the same almucantar have the same altitude. See Almacantar.
COOTIES Ailment that can be cured or prevented with a circle-circle-dot-dot shot
WREATH Circle in a winner's circle
SUBSET Circle within a circle in a Venn diagram
SUBSET Circle within a circle, in a Venn diagram
COOTIESHOT Playground vaccination that begins "Circle circle dot dot"
COOTIESHOT Playground vaccination that begins "Circle, circle, dot, dot"
HALO Shakespearean prince joins circle - saintly circle in fact
Annalize The solid formed by a circle revolving around a line which is the plane of the circle but does not cut it.
NORM Thing located in the night sky by extending a line from circle F past circle G
WREATH Winner's circle circle
INNER __ circle
WINNERS __ circle
INNER __ circle: group of close advisers
PIR __ squared (circle area)
ROTARY ___ ___ Traffic circle
INNER ___ circle
INN ___ circle
UNIT ___ circle
CROP ___ circle
WINNERS ___ circle
INNARDS ___ circle
INNER ___ Circle ("Bad Boys" reggae band)
INNER ___ circle (closest advisers)
INNER ___ circle (closest advisors)
INNER ___ circle (closest friends)