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Crossword Answers : Pianist's "clinker"
SOURER Pianist's "clinker"
BOOM 1968 Taylor/Burton clinker
BOOKPLATE 1968 Taylor/Burton clinker
STELLA 1990 Bette Middler clinker
CENT Change jar clinker
SCAR Clinker
SLAG Clinker
ERRED Clinker
ERROR Clinker
FLOP Clinker
ERROL Clinker
GOOF Clinker
DUD Clinker
ASHMAN Clinker collector
EIS Clinker in a Glas
SLAG Clinker.
ASH Clinker's relative
BAFF Course clinker
SMOLLETT Creator of Humphrey Clinker
SMOKIES Creator of Humphrey Clinker.
ERR Hit a clinker e.g.
ERR Hit a clinker
SMOLLETT Humphrey Clinker's creator
BERGEN Miss Clinker's voice
BERG Miss Clinker's voice.
FLUTE New Year's Eve clinker
SLIP Tongue clinker
CAKEWALK *Ragtime pianist's number
SCALE Beginning pianist's exercise
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