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Crossword Answers : Philbin of "Final answer?" fame
REGIS Philbin of "Final answer?" fame
REGIS Philbin of TV fame
REGIS Mr. Philbin of TV
REGAL Philbin of live TV
REGIS Philbin of live TV
REF Philbin of TV
REGIS Philbin of TV
REGIONAL Philbin of TV
REGINALD Philbin of TV
OMENIII 1981 horror movie sequel subtitled "The Final Conflict" (though it wasn't the final movie in the franchise)
OHARA Butler's love whose final words in "Gone With the Wind" are the final words of the asterisked answers
ORALS Final final exams often
ORALS Final final exams, often
IST Final final?
LASTGASP Final, final warning for snaky type sounds like a touch of desperation
ONEFORTHEROAD The final drink that may truly be final
REGIS "Final answer?" asker once
REGIS "Final answer?" asker
ABC "Final answer?" broadcaster
PHILBIN "Final answer?" querier
IMSURE "Final answer"
SURE "Is that your final answer?"
AREA Answer on a geometry final perhaps
XYZ Apt final answer
IDO Bachelor's final answer
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