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Crossword Answers : Pathetically
PITEOUSLY Pathetically
WASSAIL Complain pathetically about idiot revelry
CRUMMY Pathetically bad
DRROMANO Pathetically desperate act with an obsolete name
DRUNKDIALING Pathetically desperate act with an obsolete name
INEPT Pathetically hapless
MEASLY Pathetically inadequate
SADIST Pathetically inept person
SADE Pathetically inept person
SADDER Pathetically inept person
SADSACK Pathetically inept person
BALDLIE Pathetically obvious attempt at deception
SNAILSPACE Pathetically slow speed
PUNY Pathetically small
MEANY Pathetically small
MEASLY Pathetically small
MEASLY Pathetically tiny, as a sum of money
PITA Pathetically.
SNIT Whine pathetically
SNIVEL Whine pathetically
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