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Crossword Answers : Part of a "Hollywood Squares" winner
TAC Part of a "Hollywood Squares" winner
OOO "Hollywood Squares" winner
BLOCKSOFICE Old home delivery items (and what the circled squares would represent were they actually shaded squares)
MEADOW The squares of "three squares"
MEALS The squares of "three squares"
RUTALEE '60s-'70s "Hollywood Squares" semi-regular
GEORGEGOBEL '70s "Hollywood Squares" regular
AGREE 'Hollywood Squares' option
OOO 'Hollywood Squares' win
LYNDE 'The Hollywood Squares' regular Paul
LYNDE "Center square" Paul of "Hollywood Squares"
AGREE "Hollywood Squares" answer choice
TICTACTOE "Hollywood Squares" basis
AGREE "Hollywood Squares" choice
IAGREE "Hollywood Squares" contestant response
IDISAGREE "Hollywood Squares" declaration
CHARO "Hollywood Squares" figure
LYNDE "Hollywood Squares" immortal
OOO "Hollywood Squares" line
OOX "Hollywood Squares" loser
AGREE "Hollywood Squares" option
MARTINMULL "Hollywood Squares" regular 2003-04
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