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Crossword Answers : Palm tree
ARECA Palm tree
NIPA Palm tree
DATE Palm tree
COCO Palm tree
RAF Palm tree
SAGO Palm tree
ASSAI Palm tree
RAFFIA Palm tree
COCOS Palm tree
ARCHDUKE A palm tree (Saguerus saccharifer) which furnishes sago, wine, and fibers for ropes; the gomuti palm.
BETE ___ palm (tree also known as the pinang)
BETEL ___ palm (tree also known as the pinang)
ACAI ___ palm (tree with a healthful berry)
BAHRAIN 'For Christmas my uncle gave me a palm-tree coffee mug from ___...'
COCONUTOIL *Certain palm tree extract
RAFER African palm tree
RAFFIA African palm tree
NIPA Asiatic palm tree
NIP Asiatic palm tree
VATUTIN Asiatic palm tree (5)
ARENDS Asiatic palm tree.
ACAI Berry from a Brazilian palm tree
ACAI Berry from a palm tree
ABYSS Black-purple fruit from a palm tree
ASSAI Brazilian palm tree
ASSAGAI Brazilian palm tree.
ASSAB Brazilian palm tree.
ACAI Certain palm-tree fruit
SHINS Climbs a palm tree
MER Coco de ___ (African palm tree)
MER Coco-de-___ (palm tree native to the Seychelles)
HAIR Country with a palm tree on its flag
HAITI Country with a palm tree on its flag
CARNAUBAWAX Durable coating from a palm tree
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