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Crossword Answers : PC diversion
SOLITAIRE PC diversion
DAY ___ camp (children's summer diversion)
INDOOR ___ skiing (Dubai diversion)
TIMEKILLER *Diversion while waiting
Autography A calling away; a diversion.
SOAP Afternoon diversion
HAYRIDE Autumn diversion
SHUNT Avoid tea as diversion
RATTAN Baby's diversion
RATTLE Baby's diversion
RATTAN Babys diversion
RATTLE Babys diversion
KISSCAM Ballgame diversion that may result in a smack to the face?
DART Bar diversion
DARTS Bar diversion
DIP Beach diversion
DIOR Beach diversion.
DIP Beach diversion.
DIORS Beach diversion.
GOCARTS Birthday party diversion maybe
GOAD Bit of parental diversion
GOASKYOURMOTHER Bit of parental diversion
ASKDAD Bit of parental diversion
STRODE Boardwalk diversion
STROLL Boardwalk diversion
STRIPEDBASS Boardwalk diversion
TIMEKILLER Boredom-staving diversion
MUSICONHOLD Call waiting diversion
LARK Carefree diversion
CRUISE Carnival diversion?
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