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Crossword Answers : P.O. beat
RTE P.O. beat
BEASTS Br'er Rabbit,â€‌ for instance. nyt 1954 BEAT Flap. nyt 1954 BEAT Policeman's tour-of-duty. nyt 1954 BEAT Vibrate. nyt 1954 BEATA Blessed: Latin. nyt 1954 BEATER Kitchen gadget. nyt 1954 BEATE
SHOO "Beat it! Just beat it!"
WHITMAN "Beat! Beat! Drums!" poet
LAM Beat ... or beat it
PATROL Beat cop's beat
OUTSANG Beat with a beat?
WHITMAN Beat! Beat! Drums! poet
LAM Beat... or beat it
INTOPLOWSHARES . . . they shall beat their swords ___
INTOPLOWSHARES ... they shall beat their swords ___
Just in time Precisely on the beat without a minute to spare
TEEN __ Beat: old fan mag
LENNOX __ Lewis, boxer who memorably beat Tyson in
NOSED __ out (barely beat)
WEGOT __ the Beat
WEGOT __ the Beat: 1982 hit for The Go-Go's
MERSEY ___ Beat (1960's music)
MISSA ___ beat (be somewhat off)
MISSA ___ beat (falter slightly)
PHI ___ Beat Kappa
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