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Crossword Answers : Oscar winner in "The Divorcأ©e"
SHEARER Oscar winner in "The Divorcأ©e"
TEADANCE A thé dansant
TASSE Item for café or thé
TASSE Thé cup, maybe
BRITT Desperate Housewives divorcأ©e Edie __
EXIT Divorcأ©, e.g.
ALIMONY Divorcأ©'s penance
IVANA Divorcأ©e in 1991 tabloids
ALLIE Divorcأ©e Lowell in an '80s sitcom
EXPOSITION Divorcأ©e's demand?
EXES Divorcأ©es
EXERT Divorcأ©es
EXERTS Divorcأ©es
EXES Divorcأ©s
ITWORKS First name among 1991 divorcأ©es
REVUE Like some divorcأ©es.
ARTIFICIALGRASSWIDOWS Mannequins posing as divorcأ©es
IVANA Notable divorcأ©e of 1991
ADAPTATION 2003 Oscar winner in which Meryl Streep gets high on orchid dust
VANESSAREDGRAVE An Oscar winner in
SHIRLEYJONES An Oscar winner in
HENRYFONDA An Oscar winner in "On Golden Pond"
SHIRLEYJONES An Oscar winner in 1960
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