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Crossword Answers : Operatic heroine
GRETEL Operatic heroine
AIDA Operatic heroine
TOSCA Operatic heroine
MIMI Operatic heroine
THAIS Operatic heroine
ARIANE Operatic heroine
ISEULT Operatic heroine
LULU Alban Berg operatic heroine
TESS D'Erlanger operatic heroine
BESS Gershwin operatic heroine
AIDAS Operatic heroine and namesakes
ISOLDE Operatic heroine with healing powers
NORMA Operatic heroine with the entrance aria "Casta diva"
EVA Operatic heroine wooed by Beckmesser
GRETA Operatic heroine.
AIDA Operatic heroine.
MIMI Operatic heroine.
THAIS Operatic heroine.
ISEULT Operatic heroine.
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