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Crossword Answers : On __ basis
ATRIAL On __ basis
ONAN __ equal basis
ONA __ first-name basis
ONA __ trial basis
ONA __ trial basis (provisionally)
SPOT ___ advertising (purchases made on a market-by-market basis)
ONASOLID ___ basis (firm)
ONA ___ case-by-case basis
ONAN ___ equal basis
OMAR ___ first-name basis
ONA ___ first-name basis
OMSK ___ first-name basis
ALF ___ Garnett (BBC character that was the basis for Archie Bunker)
ONAN ___ individual basis
ONAN ___ irregular basis
ONAJAG ___ irregular basis
JOSE ___ Marti one of whose poems is the basis for "Guantanamera"
JOSE ___ Martأ­, one of whose poems is the basis for "Guantanamera"
ONA ___ need-to-know basis
ONA ___ regular basis
GYPSY ___ Rose Lee whose memoir was the basis for a musical
NEED ___ to know basis
ONA ___ trial basis
OMSK ___ trial basis
OMS ___ trial basis
ONA ___ trial basis (provisionally)
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