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Crossword Answers : Officially
FORT Officially
ONRECORD Officially
FORMULAS Officially
FILE ___ complaint (officially protest)
FILEA ___ complaint (officially protest)
FORTHEREC "Officially..."
GIVETHEOK *Approve officially
OPENSECRET *Officially restricted yet widely known information
ITWONTWORKATALL A machine is officially dead when ...
ITWONTWORKATALL A machine is officially dead when...
SIGNFOR Accept officially as a package
SIGHED Accept officially, as a package
De jure According to the law, officially sanctioned
DECLARE Announce officially
PROMULGATE Announce officially
PROCLAIM Announce officially
PROCESSIONS Announce officially.
PROCLAIM Announce officially.
DECLARES Announces officially
REPEAL Annul officially
USSTATE Any one of four officially called a commonwealth
ENACTS Approves officially as legislation
PURRIMETER Area around a cat that is officially "her territory"?
CHECKIN Arrive officially
CHEAPSEAT Arrive, officially
CHECKSIN Arrives officially
CHEAT Arrives, officially
CHECKSIN Arrives, officially
CHECKER Arrives, officially
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