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Crossword Answers : Of the throat
GULAR Of the throat
GUTTURAL Of the throat
Andalusite Any inflammatory affection of the throat or faces, as the quinsy, malignant sore throat, croup, etc., especially such as tends to produce suffocation, choking, or shortness of breath.
STREP __ throat
RAM ___ one's throat
RAMIT ___ one's throat
VOCAL ___ cords (throat tissue)
RAMIT ___ down his throat
RAM ___ down one's throat
RAMIT ___ down one's throat
ALUMP ___ in one's throat
FROG ___ in the throat
FROG ___ in the throat.
STREP ___ throat common ailment
STREETS ___ throat
STREET ___ throat
STREP ___ throat
DEEP ___ Throat (informant of 1972)
STREP ___ throat (painful ailment)
DEEP ___ Throat (revealed to be Mark Felt in 2005)
STREP ___ throat (winter ailment)
STREP ___ throat, common ailment
STREET ___ throat.
STRENGTH ___ throat.
STREP ___ throat.
STREP _____ throat
STREP _____ throat (winter ailment)
ADAM ___'s apple (throat projection)
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