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Crossword Answers : Of health
HYGIENIC Of health
AETNA Health insurer being acquired by CVS Health
ATTLEE His Minister of Health created the National Health Service in 1948
MAG Men's Health or Women's Health for short
MAESTRO Men's Health or Women's Health, for short
SOUP The March Kingâ€‌ (1854–1932). nyt 1948 SOVIETIST Muscovite. nyt 1948 SOWAR Indian cavalryman. nyt 1948 SPA Health resort. nyt 1948 SPA Town in Belgium. nyt 1948 SPA Visit a health resort.
ORAL __ health
MENS __ Health magazine
METAL __ Health: Quiet Riot album
Clean bill __ of health; no medical issues
TOX __ screen: health care test for poisons, drugs, etc.
HERES __ to your health
ANEURIN ___ Bevan, Britain's Health Minister
ANETS ___ Bevan, Britain's Health Minister.
ACAI ___ bowl (dish for the health-conscious)
ACAI ___ bowl (health food offering)
ACAI ___ bowl (health food serving)
ACAI ___ bowl (trendy health food breakfast)
OVETA ___ Culp Hobby first secretary of the Department of Health
EARTH ___ Day (observance dedicated to the environmental health of our planet)
GLUTEI ___ free! (health-food label)
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