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Crossword Answers : Novelist
NED Novelist
READE Novelist
WRITER Novelist
AUTHOR Novelist
PENNER Novelist
LYLY English poet, dramatist, novelist of the Elizabethan age
REMARQUE . . . Western Front novelist
REMARQUE ... Western Front novelist
DUMAS cen novelist
UMBERTO __ Eco, Italian semioticist and modern novelist
VICTOR __ Hugo, French novelist whose work is set in Paris
THOMAS __ Mann, German novelist who won the Nobel Prize
WALTER __ Scott, Scottish novelist who wrote Ivanhoe
DANIELLE __ Steel, romance novelist since ’s Going Home
Markus __ Zusak, Australian novelist
READE ___ ___ English novelist Charles
TASHA ___ Alexander historical mystery novelist
TASED ___ Alexander, historical mystery novelist
BERYL ___ Bainbridge, English novelist (5)
ENID ___ Coleslaw lead character of "Ghost World" (whose full name is an anagram of graphic novelist Daniel Clowes)
ECA ___ de Queiroz Portuguese novelist
ECA ___ de Queiroz, Portuguese novelist
ANTOINE ___ de Saint-Exupery, French novelist
ANTOINE ___ de Saint-Exupery, French novelist.
ISAK ___ Dinesen Danish novelist.
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