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Crossword Answers : Names (to)
APPOINTS Names (to)
INE Suffix turning some men's names to women's names
ADAM "And ___ gave names to all cattle" (Gen. 2:20)
IDS (8) Connects names to faces briefly
PUTONHEIRS Add names to will?
ENGRAVED Added names to the Stanley Cup
MASQUERADEPARTY Gathering where you don't have to worry about putting names to faces
ADAM He "gave names to all cattle and to the fowl of the air"
ADAM He "gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air"
ORCAS Killer whales (which lend their names to a set of annual crossword awards)
NOMINA Names to Nero
NOMINA Names, to Nero
EPEE People who lend their names to things
EPONYMS People who lend their names to things
PULLUPSTAKES The salon names To Dye For and Best Little Hairhouse (both real!), e.g.
PREPS Title held by the people who lent their names to 17-, 24-, 38- and 49-Across
VON Word people sometimes add to their names to sound fancier
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