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Crossword Answers : Mr. Whiplash
SNIDE Mr. Whiplash
IDOL "Whiplash Smile" Billy
SNARE "Whiplash" prop
JKSIMMONS *"Whiplash" Best Supporting Actor
RIDER *Put on a whiplash collar?
RIGONESNECK *Put on a whiplash collar?
HEADREST Anti-whiplash device
HEADREST Anti-whiplash device (4 4)
HISSING Audience greeting for Snidely Whiplash
PLAYTHEVILLIAN Be Snidely Whiplash e.g.
IDOL Billy with the 1986 album "Whiplash Smile"
HEADREST Car part that helps prevent whiplash
SNIDELY Cartoon villain Whiplash
SNARLED Cartoon villain Whiplash
REAR Causes of whiplash
REARENDERS Causes of whiplash
SNIDELY Dudley Do-Right nemesis ___ Whiplash
SNEEZESAT Dudley Do-Right nemesis ___ Whiplash
SNEER Emulate Snidely Whiplash
SNEAD Emulate Snidely Whiplash
SNEE Emulate Snidely Whiplash
SNARLUP Emulate Snidely Whiplash
SNEERS Emulates Snidely Whiplash
HISSES Greetings for Snidely Whiplash
RESTRAINT Head __; cushioned protection against whiplash
EVIL Like Snidely Whiplash
MEAN Like Snidely Whiplash
SNEERY Like Snidely Whiplash
SINISTER Like Snidely Whiplash
LEER Look by Snidely Whiplash
SNEER Look form Snidley Whiplash
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