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Crossword Answers : Mr. Diller
FANG Mr. Diller
FAILED Mr. Diller
ADOLLAR "A diller ___..."
TENO "A diller a dollar a ___ clock scholar"
TENO "A diller a dollar a ___'clock scholar"
TENO A diller, a dollar, a ___ clock scholar
TENO A diller, a dollar, a ___'clock scholar
OHIO Birthplace of Doris Day Ruby Dee and Phyllis Diller
OHIO Birthplace of Doris Day, Ruby Dee, and Phyllis Diller
LIMA Birthplace of Phyllis Diller
LIMAOHIO Birthplace of Phyllis Diller
PHYLLIS Comic Diller
PHENOMS Comic Diller
PHD Comic Diller uses glue? [Portugal]
PHYLLISBONDS Comic Diller uses glue? [Portugal]
FANG Diller's "husband"
LIMA Diller's birthplace
FANG Diller's fictional hubby
FANG Diller's spouse affectionately
FANG Diller's spouse
FANE Diller's spouse, affectionately
FANG Diller's spouse, affectionately
FALLTOTHEGROUND Diller's spouse, affectionately
SAVEDFACE Diller's surgeon did it
ROTTENTOTHECORE It's a good thing that beauty is only skin deep, or I'd be ___. آ—Phyllis Diller
FANG Longtime butt of Phyllis Diller's jokes
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