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Crossword Answers : Mr. Beard
DAN Mr. Beard
ORI "By the elements If ere again I meet him beard to beard he's mine ___ am his"
EER "If ___ again I meet him beard to beard... ": Shak.
EER "If ___ again I meet him beard to beard..." (Shakespeare)
EER If __ again I meet him beard to beard ... : Shak.
AWNS Bristles of beard in barley, wheat, etc
Van dyke __ Beard, goatee, moustache named after painter
AARONS ___ -beard: Rose of Sharon
OLDMANS ___ beard (fringe tree)
MEREST ___ beard! (cry in Harry Potter books)
FACIAL ___ hair (beard and mustache)
BARBA ___ non facit philosophum ("A beard does not constitute a philosopher")
AARON ____ -beard: Rose of Sharon
MERLINS "___ beard!" (cry in Harry Potter books)
ERE "___ on thy chin the springing beard began" (Prior)
HIRT "Beauty and the Beard" trumpeter
ZOUNDS "Great Merlin's beard!"
HATH "He that ___ a beard is more than a youth" (Shakespeare)
SANTAS "I saw my baby wearing ___ beard" (TMBG lyric)
ANOLD "There was ___ Man with a beard... "
LEAR "There was an Old Man with a beard" writer
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