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Crossword Answers : Moisten
BEDEW Moisten
BASTE Moisten
WET Moisten
ANOINT Moisten
BEDE Moisten
WELT Moisten
BEDAUB Moisten
WEPT Moisten
DAMPEN Moisten
BEDECK Moisten
HWY Moisten
SPRITZ Moisten
BCDEF Moisten
BEDAMP Moisten
BECAUSE ___ it is there? bg 2000 BECORRECTINEITHERCASE How I know, Part 4 bg 2000 BED Foundation bg 2000 BEDE Eliot's Adam bg 2000 BEDEW Moisten with beads bg 2000 BEDS Foundations bg 2000 BEER Cold
RIGO I moisten: Lat.
DEW It may moisten a lawnmower
BEDEW Lightly moisten
BEDE Lightly moisten
BEBOP Lightly moisten
WATER Moisten as a lawn
BASTE Moisten as a pot roast
BASTE Moisten as a roast
BASTE Moisten as a roast turkey
LICK Moisten as a stamp
BASTE Moisten as a turkey
LICK Moisten as an envelope flap
BASTETHECHICKEN Moisten as certain cutlets
BEDEW Moisten as garden cobwebs
BEDEW Moisten as grass
BASTE Moisten as meat
BEDEW Moisten as morning grass
BASTE Moisten as poultry
BEDEW Moisten as the morning grass
BEDEW Moisten in a way
BASTE Moisten in a way
MIST Moisten in a way
BASTE Moisten in the oven
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