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Crossword Answers : Mo. with showers
APR Mo. with showers
MARCHWINDS ___ and April showers: Anon.
ETA ___ Aquarids (meteor showers in May)
APRICOT ___ in Paris.â€‌ nyt 1956 APRIL Season of variable weather. nyt 1956 APRIL Time for showers. nyt 1956 APRIL Time to visit Paris. nyt 1956 APRILSHOWER Subject of an Al Jolson song. nyt 1956 AP
RAYFORRAIN ... Chef Rachael in favor of showers sources say
MARCHWINDS "___ and April showers": Anon.
ARAIN "...showers ___ of melody": Shelley
BLESSING "...there shall be showers of ___" (Ezek. 34:26)
MAYFLOWERS "April showers bring ___"
WET "They are ___ with the showers of the mountains" (Job 24:8
BATHS Alternatives to hot showers
BATHS Alternatives to showers
SPONGEBATHS Alternatives to showers
LEONIDES Annual meteor showers
RAINS April showers
MAYFLOWERS April showers bring ___
RAINS April showers.
TALCS Baby showers?
TAKING Baby showers?
MAPS Boundary showers
ORIOLE Certain showers of meteors.
GYM Class with showers
SLEEPS Cold showers
SLEETS Cold showers
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