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Crossword Answers : Member of "Little War Cabinet." : BARUCH
REBASE Member of "Little War Cabinet." : BARUCH
SITAPUR Member of the "Little War Cabinet." : BARUCH
AMAZON Revolutionary War; War of 1812; Civil War; World War I; World War II; Cold War; and, one day, the War Against Terrorism
BARTON Member of "Little War Cabinet."
BARUCH Member of the "Little War Cabinet."
OWN Baruch's "My ___ Story'"
OWN Baruch's "My ___ Story"
BARNEGAT Mr. Baruch to his friends.
BARNABITE Mr. Baruch, to his friends.
ADVISER Role Baruch played at D.C.
BERNARD Statesman financier Baruch
DRAWINTO Make a member of little by little
LINCOLNS ___ War Cabinet: B. J. Hendrick
LINCOLNS "___ War Cabinet": B. J. Hendrick
STET ___ Chu, Nobel Prize-winning member of Obama's cabinet
LESASPIN Early member of Clinton's cabinet
RENEGEON Eight-year member of Clinton's cabinet
SFAX First U.S. Cabinet member of Lebanese descent
MINISTER Member of a Cabinet.
ARNE Member of Barack's cabinet