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Crossword Answers : Marksman?
SKEE ___trap in a marksman's game
SKEE ___trap, in a marksman's game
CSTUDENT 3rd rate marksman?
TELL A Swiss marksman
TELIC A Swiss marksman.
SCOPE Accessory for a marksman
OLLAS All a good marksman needs
ONESHOT All a good marksman needs
SNIPER Concealed marksman
SNIPE Concealed marksman.
SNIPER Covert marksman
AIMED Emulated a marksman
DEADSHOT Expert marksman
FIREWHENREAD Final step in a marksman's manual?
ACE First-class marksman
Alvin york Gary Cooper’s role about a born-again marksman
YAGER German marksman
POOLSIDE Hardly a marksman
POORSHOT Hardly a marksman
SNIP Hidden marksman
SNIPER Hidden marksman
SNAPHOOK Hidden marksman
CUPID Immortal marksman
CUP Immortal marksman.
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