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Crossword Answers : Mapped
CHART Mapped
VENUS "Magellan" mapped it
GENOME "Mapped" human structure
CATS Company that has mapped 90% of the human genome code
CELERA Company that has mapped 90% of the human genome code
ABEL Explorer ___ Tasman who mapped much of Australia
COW First livestock animal to have its genome mapped
SVEN Hedin who mapped parts of central Asia
GENE It may be mapped
GENE It might be mapped or spliced
GENIC It wasn't mapped until 2003
GENOME It wasn't mapped until 2003
ATLAS It's all mapped out
VENUS Magellan mapped it
CHARTED Mapped a course
PLATTED Mapped a subdivision.
REPLOTTED Mapped again
REPLETE Mapped again.
REPLOTTED Mapped again.
GENE Mapped item
GEMS Mapped item
DNA Mapped material
PLAN Mapped out
SHOVED Mapped out
SHOVE Mapped out
CHARTED Mapped out
SHOWED Mapped out
PLOTTED Mapped out
PLANNED Mapped out
DELIGHTED Mapped out
REZONED Mapped out new districts for
GENOMES Mapped sequences
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