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Crossword Answers : Literally, "with milk," as cafأ©
AULAIT Literally, "with milk," as cafأ©
AUG Cafأ© order, in a cafأ©
BLEEDDRY Milk and milk and milk
BLASTIT Milk and milk and milk
LECHE Cafأ© con ___ (coffee with milk)
LEASH Cafأ© con _____ (coffee with milk)
LEAST Cafأ© con _____ (coffee with milk)
LEAVE Cafأ© con _____ (coffee with milk)
SCALDED Like cafأ© au lait milk
ATTU Served with milk, as cafأ©
ADVERB Literally literally
LATTE Drink that literally means "milk"
SKIM ___ milk (Water that's lying about being milk as per Ron Swanson)
TRESLECHES "Torta" type containing evaporated milk condensed milk and cream
SOY "What if ___ milk is just regular milk introducing itself in Spanish?"
PENN He was Milk in "Milk"
FATCONTENT It's lower in skim milk than in whole milk
ACIDIC Like milk but not milk of magnesia
CHALKIER Like powdered milk compared with whole milk
SILK Milk brand that rhymes with "milk"
FDA Org. that thinks "oat milk" should not be labelled as milk
HARPS Politico Milk of "Milk"
HARVEY Politico Milk of "Milk"
SILK Soy milk brand contained in "soy milk"
SOY What if ___ milk is just regular milk introducing itself in Spanish?
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