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Crossword Answers : Literally, "northern"
BOREALIS Literally, "northern"
ARCADED Pertaining to, or situated under, the northern constellation called the Bear; northern; frigid; as, the arctic pole, circle, region, ocean; an arctic expedition, night, temperature.
BOREALIS The "northern" in northern lights
BEIJING Literally "northern capital"
BOREALIS Literally "northern"
BEHEADS Literally, "northern capital"
ADVERB Literally literally
GEORGE __ Best, greatest player from Northern Ireland
AURORA __ borealis (northern lights)
CARR __ Fire: 230,000-acre Northern California conflagration of 2018
BRITISH __ Isles, series of islands off northern France
SCOTLAND __ Yard, London police force, northern UK country
AURORA ___ borealis (northern lights)
AURAS ___ borealis (northern lights)
PONCA ___ City (northern Oklahoma city named after a Sioux tribe)
CARR ___ Fire: 230 000-acre Northern California conflagration of 2018
PEARY ___ Land (northern Greenland)
URSA ___ Minor (northern constellation)
LEO ___ Minor (northern constellation)
OZARK ___ National Forest in northern Arkansas is home to black bears (5)
PEARY _____ Land (northern Greenland)
PETRO ___-Canada (northern gas station chain)
PETITES ___-Canada (northern gas station chain)
PETMICE ___-Canada (northern gas station chain)
AURORA ... borealis, the northern lights
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