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Crossword Answers : Like ice
GEL Like ice
GELID Like ice
GELD Like ice
CUBED Like ice
FRIGID Like ice
SIMILE 'Feet like ice ' e.g.
PGRATED Like 'Ice Age' and 'Frozen'
PGRATED Like "Ice Age" and "Frozen"
POLAR Like ice caps
SPUN Like ice cream
HOT Like ice in the underworld
CUBED Like ice or dice
GLACIAL Like ice sheets and bergs
AGILE Like ice skaters
BLADED Like ice skates
BLADED Like ice skates and razors
BBBBB Like ice that's difficult to see on a road
GELID Like ice water
SLIPPERY Like ice-covered roads
RAPS Performs like Ice-T
MELTS Reacts like ice in the sun
ORONYMS Words and phrases that sound approximately alike like "ice scream" and "I scream"
ORNOT Words and phrases that sound approximately alike, like "ice scream" and "I scream"
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