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Crossword Answers : Left or "right" group, in math
COS Left or "right" group, in math
COSET "Left" or "right" group in math
COSET "Left" or "right" group, in math
SAFIRE "The Right Word in the Right Place at the Right Time" writer
JAINISM Religion of India from 6th century B.C. teaching liberation of the soul by right knowledge right faith right conduct
TIEYOURSHOES Wrap right over left tuck right underneath pull pinch right in a loop wrap left around push left through hole to create loop pull loops
ACTASMIMES "You can swipe left or right depending on how you feel about your match " for one
JAB A left or a right
SHARON Abrupt left or right
SHARPTURN Abrupt left or right
ULTRA Before left or right
OWLS Birds whose heads can rotate 135 degrees left or right
OWING Birds whose heads can rotate 135 degrees left or right
OWLS Birds whose heads can rotatedegrees left or right
TWIX Candy bar that can be Left or Right
VENTRICLE Chamber of the heart, left or right
YAWED Drifted left or right
IST Ending with left or right
TURN Go left or right
LEANS Goes left or right say as lanes
TURN Hang a left or a right
JAB It may be left or right
SIDE Left or right e.g.
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