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Crossword Answers : Kennedy
TED Kennedy
ETHEL Kennedy
CAPE Kennedy
EUNICE __ Kennedy Shriver
IBN ___ bin ein Berliner: Kennedy
ICANTMISSISSIPPI ___ bin ein Berliner: Kennedy
HONEY ___ Fitz (Rose Kennedy's father)
USS ___ John F. Kennedy
ROSE ___ Kennedy daughter of Boston's "Honey Fitz"
DOM ___ Kennedy rapper whose actual surname is Hunn
SEN ___ Kennedy
BETTY ___ Kennedy (former "Front Page Challenge" panellist)
EUNICE ___ Kennedy Shriver
JAYS ___ Kennedy Smith (sister of J.F.K.)
JEAN ___ Kennedy Smith (sister of J.F.K.)
JAX ___ Kennedy Smith (sister of J.F.K.)
SEN ___ Kennedy.
BABUSHKA ___ Lady (Kennedy assassination figure)
ARI ___ Onassis Jackie Kennedy's #2
ARI ___ Onassis, Jackie Kennedy's #2
TED ___ Sorensen "Kennedy" author
TED ___ Sorensen, "Kennedy" author
FIVE ... of a 1964 Kennedy stamp
FISHES ... of a 1964 Kennedy stamp
TED ... Senator Kennedy
NEON 'The ___ Bible' (John Kennedy Toole novel)
SENATOR "___ you're no Jack Kennedy!"
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