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Crossword Answers : K 5: Abbr.
ISIS Who ___?â€‌ nyt 1999 ISITI Biblical question nyt 1999 ISL Atlas abbr. nyt 1999 ISL Atlas abbr. nyt 1999 ISL Atlas abbr. nyt 1999 ISL Bahamas, e.g.: Abbr. nyt 1999 ISL Hawaii, e.g.: Abbr. nyt
STES Thأ©rأ¨se and others: Abbr. nyt 1994 STES Agathe and others: Abbr. nyt 1994 STES Fr. holy women nyt 1994 STES Fr. holy women nyt 1994 STES French holy women: Abbr. nyt 1994 STES Jeanne d'Arc
IMET ___ a man with seven wives.â€‌ nyt 1960 IMID Chemical compound. nyt 1960 IMIT Copy: Abbr. nyt 1960 IMIT Not genuine: Abbr. nyt 1960 IMITANT Counterfeit: Rare. nyt 1960 IMITATE Mock. nyt 1960
EST Abbr. on an abbr. list
ETAL Abbr. on an abbr. list
ARP Fatagagaâ€‌ collagist nyt 1995 ARP Dada papa nyt 1995 ARP Dadaist Hans nyt 1995 ARPINO Cicero's birthplace nyt 1995 ARR Bus depot abbr. nyt 1995 ARR Flightboard abbr. nyt 1995 ARR LAX info: A
WRITERSBLOCK Take Me Home, Country Roadsâ€‌ subj. nyt 1999 WVU Don Knotts's alma mater: Abbr. nyt 1999 WWI Old Eur. conflict nyt 1999 WWI When tank warfare began: Abbr. nyt 1999 WWII Axis/Allies conflict:
BRYANS Thanatopsisâ€‌ poet. nyt 1960 BRYN ___ Mawr. nyt 1960 BRYNHILD Valkyrie who disobeyed Wotan. nyt 1960 BSA Boys' group. nyt 1960 BSA Organization for boys: Abbr. nyt 1960 BSH Dry measure: Abbr
INEPTLY The nerve!â€‌ nyt 2006 INEZ Don Juan's mother nyt 2006 INEZ Memorable 1966 hurricane nyt 2006 INF Foot soldiers: Abbr. nyt 2006 INF Foot soldiers: Abbr. nyt 2006 INF Like Beethoven's Pastoral
ETA Ticket abbr. that's found inside "ticket abbr."
ALSOPS We Accuseâ€‌ coauthors nyt 1995 ALSTON Hall-of-Fame Dodger manager nyt 1995 ALT Cockpit dial: Abbr. nyt 1995 ALT Control tower datum: Abbr nyt 1995 ALT Elev. nyt 1995 ALT Hgt. nyt 1995 ALT Hi
ISIT What ___ now?â€‌ nyt 2004 ISITI Question in Matthew nyt 2004 ISITSAFE Question to a consumer watchdog nyt 2004 ISL Archipelago unit: Abbr. nyt 2004 ISL Manhattan, e.g.: Abbr. nyt 2004 ISLA La
ESTAS آ؟Cأ³mo ___? cs 2002 ESTATE A lot of wealth? cs 2002 ESTATE High-priced spread cs 2002 ESTATE Landed property cs 2002 ESTD Business abbr. followed by a year cs 2002 ESTD Cornerstone abbr. cs
DISPEL nyt 2016 DIV A.L. or N.L. East: Abbr. nyt 2016 DIVA Agent's handful, say nyt 2016 DIVA Performer inclined to throw tantrums nyt 2016 DIVA Temperamental type nyt 2016 DIVE Low-class watering
ADMS and others: Abbr
SGTS and peers: Abbr
ATTY Man of the law: Abbr
NAM Manufacturers' group: Abbr
PNS Promissory notes: Abbr
INST The present month: Abbr
VULG The vernacular: Abbr
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