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Crossword Answers : Just ___! ("Be right there!")
ASEA Just ___! ("Be right there!")
ASEC "Just ___ I'll be right there!"
ASEC "Just ___!" ("Be right there!")
ASEC "Just ___!" ("I'll be right there!"): 2 wds.
ASEC "Just ___!": "Be right there!"
ASEC Just ___, I'll be right there!
SAFIRE "The Right Word in the Right Place at the Right Time" writer
JAINISM Religion of India from 6th century B.C. teaching liberation of the soul by right knowledge right faith right conduct
TIEYOURSHOES Wrap right over left tuck right underneath pull pinch right in a loop wrap left around push left through hole to create loop pull loops
TAN "There! Right There! / Look at that ___ well tinted skin / Look at the killer shape he's in" ("Legally Blonde" lyric)
ISNO 'There ___ there there' (Gertrude Stein)
ECHO "Anybody there?... there?... there?"
ISNO "There ___ there there"
ISNO "There ___ there there" (Gertrude Stein comment on Oakland)
ISNO "There ___ there there" (Gertrude Stein)
STEIN "There is no there there" source
GERTRUDESTEIN "There is no there there" writer
STEIN "There is no there there" writer
ECHELONS Anybody there? . . . there? . . . there?
OAKLAND City about which Gertrude Stein said "There is no 'there' there"
OAK City about which Gertrude Stein said "There is no there there"
OAKLAND City about which Gertrude Stein said "There is no there there"
TOUPEE Hair that might be there when there's none there
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