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Crossword Answers : Journalism
PRESS Journalism
THEEND Journalism
GOTCHA ___ journalism
GONZO ___ journalism
GOSSIPGIRL ___ journalism
FLEET ___ Street (British journalism)
FLEABANE ___ Street (British journalism)
VOX "Explanatory journalism" website since 2014
EVENTS "Journalism is concerned with ___ poetry with feelings." (Archibald MacLeish)
POORE "Perley" of journalism
PEA *Coveted journalism award
BLY 2002 'Women in Journalism' postage-stamp honoree
BLY 2002 "Women in Journalism" postage-stamp honoree
HOLT 2019 Walter Cronkite Award winner for Excellence in Journalism
NEWJOB Amount of space in a paper to be filled with journalism
NEWSHOLE Amount of space in a paper to be filled with journalism
POLK Annual journalism award informally
POLK Annual journalism award, informally
POLICESTATE Annual journalism award, informally
STORY Any news article: Journalism
STORY Any news article: Journalism.
LEDE Article start in journalism jargon
LEDE Article's intro in journalism lingo
LEDE Article's start in journalism
LEDE Article's start in journalism jargon
LEDE Article's start, in journalism
LED Article's start, in journalism jargon
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