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Crossword Answers : Javert's portrayer in 2012's "Les Misأ©rables"
CROSSE Javert's portrayer in 2012's "Les Misأ©rables"
LEROY ___ Misأ©rables.â€‌ nyt 1952 LES Bandleader Brown. nyt 1952 LES Man's nickname. nyt 1952 LESE Injured, as in ___ majeste. nyt 1952 LESE Injured: Fr. nyt 1952 LESE ___ Majestأ©. nyt 1952 LESE
CROWE Javert's portrayer in 2012's "Les Miserables"
SACHA ___ Baron Cohen of "Les Misأ©rables"
NEEDY 1998 "Les Misأ©rables" star
HUGH Author of "Les Misأ©rables."
HUGH Author of "Les Misأ©rables"
TONYS Awards won by "Les Misأ©rables" and "The Book of Mormon"
FANS Character in "Les Misأ©rables."
MARITAL Character in "Les Misأ©rables."
COSA Child in "Les Misأ©rables."
UMA Co-star of Liam in "Les Misأ©rables," 1998
WAIF Cosette in "Les Misأ©rables," for one
WAH Cosette, e.g., in "Les Misأ©rables"
UMA Costar of Liam in "Les Misأ©rables"
SEWER Escape site in "Les Misأ©rables"
COSETTE Fantine's daughter in "Les Misأ©rables"
COSEC Fantine's daughter, in "Les Misأ©rables."
COS Girl in the poster of "Les Misأ©rables"
ANNA Hathaway of "Les Misأ©rables"
ANNE Hathaway of "Les Misأ©rables"
JEANVALJEAN He had been imprisoned for stealing bread in "Les Misأ©rables"
CROWE He played Javert in "Les Misأ©rables"
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