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Crossword Answers : J. R.'s concern
OIL J. R.'s concern
OFNO __ concern
GOING __ concern
SPINAL __ cord: chiropractor's concern
FOCAL __ length (camera concern)
FOCAL __ length (photog's concern)
ROID __ rage: bodybuilder's concern
OFNO ___ concern
OFFER ___ concern
GOING ___ concern
AGOING ___ concern
OFFSEASON ___ concern
OFNO ___ concern (unimportant)
OFLATE ___ concern (unimportant)
SPINAL ___ cord: chiropractor's concern
TCELL ___ count (HIV patient's concern)
PREGAME ___ fashion (concern for e.g. James Harden and Ben Simmons)
GOLD ___ flow U.S. concern.
GOLD ___ flow, U.S. concern.
GOLD ___ flow, US concern
FOIE ___ gras (PETA concern)
PRIME ___ lending rate (Bank of Canada concern)
FOCAL ___ length (camera concern)
FOCAL ___ length (photog's concern)
PIN ___ placement (golfer's concern)
ACID ___ rain (Lake Ontario concern)
ASP ___ ratio (filmmaker's concern)
ASPECT ___ ratio (filmmaker's concern)
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