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Crossword Answers : Its first word is "Congress"
AMEND Its first word is "Congress"
AMENDMENTI Its first word is "Congress"
ACTOF __ Congress
EXECUTIVE __ Order, presidential decree, law without Congress
MAXINE __ Waters, most senior Black woman in Congress
ACTOF ___ Congress
ACTOF ___ Congress.
ACTIVE ___ Congress.
FIRST ___ Continental Congress (American Revolution group in session in 1774)
UPOR ___ down vote (Congress action)
UPOR ___ down vote (Congress event)
VERONICA ___ Escobar first Latina elected to Congress from Texas (with Sylvia Garcia 2018)
AMO ___ Houghton second-wealthiest member of Congress according to "Roll Call"
AMIN ___ Houghton, second-wealthiest member of Congress, according to "Roll Call"
ERG ___ Nehru, leader of Indian Congress party (10)
JAVA ___ Nehru, leader of Indian Congress party.
ACT ___ of Congress
ACT ___ of Congress.
NOLAW 'Congress shall make ___ respecting... '
SHALL "Congress ___ make no law ..."
SHALL "Congress ___ make no law..."
NOLAW "Congress shall make ___..."
NOLAWS "Congress shall make ___..."
NOLAW "Congress shall make ___..." (Bill of Rights)
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