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Crossword Answers : Ingenious
NEAT Ingenious
ADROIT Ingenious
NEAR Ingenious
SLEWS Ingenious
ABLE Ingenious
SLY Ingenious
SMART Ingenious
NIFTY Ingenious
CLEO Ingenious
CREATIVE Ingenious
CLEVER Ingenious
SLICK Ingenious
ARTFUL Ingenious
HUMAN "An ingenious assembly of portable plumbing": Morley
DONQUIXOTE "Ingenious gentleman" of classic fiction
HUMAN An ingenious assembly of portable plumbing: Morley
DADAISM Artistic or ingenious.
OUTWIT Be more ingenious
ARRIVE Crafty device; an artful, ingenious, or elaborate trick. [Now the usual meaning.]
CLEVEREST Empty cell on mountain? Most ingenious! (9)
ASSIGN Genteel irony; a polite and ingenious manner of deriding another.
NEATIDEA How ingenious!
SUBTLY In an ingenious manner
SUBROSA In an ingenious manner.
SUBTLY In an ingenious manner.
CLEVERLY In an ingenious way
ELEGANT Ingenious and simple, as a proof
CLERK Ingenious bit of foliage?
GADGET Ingenious device
GADGET Ingenious device, specially tagged
GADGET Ingenious device.
GAD Ingenious device.
GADABOUT Ingenious device.
GILLIGANSISLAND Ingenious devices
GIMMICKS Ingenious devices
TOURDEFORCE Ingenious feat
TOUR Ingenious feat.
TOURDEFORCE Ingenious feat.
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