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Crossword Answers : Infused
TEA Beverage made from infused leaves
SKYY Brand of ginger-infused vodka
CHAI Cardamom-infused tea
TEA Drink infused in Chinese culture
TEA Drink often infused
MCGRIDDLE Fast food sandwich with maple-infused pancakes serving as the bread
SLOE Fruit infused in gin
AIOLI Garlic-infused mayo
OILS Herb-infused cooking aids
MINTTEA Herb-infused cupful
EDIBLES Herb-infused treats
IMA Infused (with)
IMBUED Infused (with)
TEA Infused beverage
TEA Infused concoction
TEA Infused drink
TEA Infused leaves
TEAS Infused pot offerings?
FRATTY Infused with beer and testosterone
AERATED Infused with carbon dioxide
ADVIL Infused with carbon dioxide
LIVEN Infused with energy
LIVENED Infused with energy
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