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Crossword Answers : Improve?
GNOME Improve?
SPIFF __ up (improve the look of)
GOONE ___ better (improve upon)
SPIFF ___ up (improve the look of)
PAGERANK ...Let's revamp our website to improve our ___ on Google...
PAGERANK "...Let's revamp our website to improve our ___ on Google..."
WHATDIDIDOWRONG "Help me improve?"
DOTH "How ___ the little crocodile improve his shining tail...": Lewis Carroll
CLEANBETTERED "Improve your dishwashing Sheeran!"
REWIRE "Improve" a la Tim Allen
JULIANASSAULT ***Military ambush led by Caesar?***[I don't feel like this hawkish entry will improve their image among my solvers.]
BREATH A mint may improve it
FACELIFT A procedure done to improve one’s appearance
CHARACTER A wine's may improve with age
INTERFRIENDTION Action taken to improve a colleague's day
SWEETEN Add sugar to improve taste
EXHAUSTPERFUMES Additives to improve the smell of auto emissions?
RETOSS Aesthetically improve a salad maybe
AGED Allowed to improve as cheeses
AGED Allowed to improve, as cheeses
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