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Crossword Answers : Imitate
APE Imitate
ECHO Imitate
MIME Imitate
MIMI Imitate
PORTS Imitate
PARROT Imitate
COPSE Imitate
PAROLE Imitate
APB Imitate
ECH Imitate
COPY Imitate
MIMIC Imitate
MIRROR Imitate
ACTIN Imitate
ACTING Imitate
MILTON Imitate
POSEAS Imitate
DOJOS Imitate
AOLER Imitate
DOLIKE Imitate
IMET ___ a man with seven wives.â€‌ nyt 1960 IMID Chemical compound. nyt 1960 IMIT Copy: Abbr. nyt 1960 IMIT Not genuine: Abbr. nyt 1960 IMITANT Counterfeit: Rare. nyt 1960 IMITATE Mock. nyt 1960
MAKE ___ like (imitate)
INSTALIKE "I figured out how to imitate the speech of teenagers right away! #___"?
BERRA "If you can't imitate him don't copy him" speaker
ELIOT "Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal" writer
ART "Life doesn't imitate ___ it imitates bad television": Woody Allen
ART "Life doesn't imitate ___, it imitates bad television": Woody Allen
MARCHINPLACE "Simon says imitate a soldier"
YOULLNEVERBEALI "Stop trying to imitate the best boxer of all time!"
SINEWS "Then imitate the action of the tiger; stiffen the ___ summon up the blood..." (line from King Henry V's "Once more unto the breach" speech)
BEATBOX *Imitate Doug E. Fresh
ELVIS *Impersonators grow their sideburns to imitate him
BEATBOX *Vocally imitate a drum machine
APOCALYPSE A member of one of certain ascetic sects which at various times professed to imitate the practice of the apostles.
Aurichalceous A self-moving machine, or one which has its motive power within itself; -- applied chiefly to machines which appear to imitate spontaneously the motions of living beings, such as men, birds,
INDISGUISE Attempting to imitate something else
ARM Body part that some robots imitate
ORMOLU Brass made to imitate gold
ORMER Brass made to imitate gold.
ORMOLU Brass made to imitate gold.
ECHO Canyon phenomenon which I'm trying to imitate in this clue clue clue clue....
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