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Crossword Answers : I forbid
VETO I forbid
ISHOT __ an arrow into . . . nw 1998 ISHOULDHOPENOT Heaven forbid!"
PAT ___ Boone, singer of "Don't Forbid Me"
ABREAST ___ omen (God forbid)
ABSIT ___ omen (God forbid)
IHOPENOT "God forbid!"
HOPENOT "God forbid"
OHNO "Heaven forbid!"
HORRORS "Heaven forbid!"
HOPENOT "Heaven forbid!"
GODNO "Heaven forbid!"
IHOPENOT "Heaven forbid!"
ISHOULDHOPENOT "Heaven forbid!"
LETSHOPENOT "Heaven forbid!"
HOPENOT "Heaven forbid"
VETO "I forbid " to Caesar
DONT "I forbid it!"
DONTGIVEANIN "I forbid you from providing special access"?
DONT "I forbid you!"
VETO "I forbid."
GOSHNO “Heaven forbid!”
PETS A lease may forbid them
SPASM Botox target God forbid you should put such poison into your body
SULTAN Disney character who frustratingly says "Allah forbid you should have any daughters!"
LETS Doesn't forbid
LET Don't forbid
ALLOW Fail to forbid
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