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Crossword Answers : I 80, for one
HEART One flag, one land, one ___, one hand —Holmes
HEARKENS One flag, one land, one ___, one hand.—Holmes.
HESAY "___ 'one and one and one is three'..." ("Come Together" lyric)
STAYED "I am the one who loved you I am the one who ___ I am the one and you walked away" - "Next To Normal"
Anabaptism A species in one genus or group having its characters parallel, one by one, with those of another group.
ACRE Area one man could till in one day with one ox originally
MANTICORE Beast that's one-third human one-third lion and one-third dragon
MANTICORE Beast that's one-third human, one-third lion, and one-third dragon
DESE Dis one and dis one and dis one
GOOFYGOOBER I'm one you're one and everyone is one per SpongeBob
JIF Longtime food brand whose iconic label features one red one blue and one green vertical stripe on its front
SQUARE One for one for one
SQUALOR One for one, for one
TUSSLE One getting one-on-one help
TUTEE One getting one-on-one help
TUSSLE One getting one-on-one instruction
TUTEE One getting one-on-one instruction
OATES One half of a "One on One" duo
FRACTION One half, one third, one quarter are all examples
TUTEE One in a one-on-one session
TURNSTO One in a one-on-one session
STERE One meter x one meter x one meter
CLOSESTRELATIVE One million miles away as opposed to one billion or one trillion?
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