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Crossword Answers : I to Izaak
ICH I to Izaak
GOFISH Card game for Izaak Walton?
BAIT Cast by Izaak Walton
BAIRN Cast by Izaak Walton.
BAHAMAS Cast by Izaak Walton.
ANGLE Emulate Izaak Walton
FISHED Emulated Izaak Walton
ANGLED Emulated Izaak Walton
ANGLES Emulates Izaak Walton
CARP Fish that Izaak Walton called "the queen of rivers"
ANGLERS Followers of Izaak Walton
ANGLE Followers of Izaak Walton.
PASTIME For which Izaak Walton fished
PASTIES For which Izaak Walton fished.
SECRETARYOFNATURE Francis Bacon to Izaak Walton
SECRETARYOFNATURE Francis Bacon, to Izaak Walton
ICET I, to Izaak
ANGLERS Izaak and friends
PIET Izaak Maurits to his colleagues students and friends
WALTON Izaak or William
ANGLER Izaak Walton e.g.
ANGLER Izaak Walton
ALINE Izaak Walton dropped ___
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