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Crossword Answers : I to Hans
ICH I to Hans
DODGE 'Hans Brinker' author
NEIN 'No Hans'
NEEDY 'No, Hans'
HES "___ A Pirate" (Hans Zimmer track composed for a 2003 Disney film)
HES "___ a Pirate" (Hans Zimmer track)
DODGE "Hans Brinker" author
KAYE "Hans Christian Andersen" star
DANNYKAYE "Hans Christian Andersen" star
KAYE "Hans Christian Andersen" star Danny
ARP "Head and Shell" sculptor Hans
LANDA "Inglourious Basterds" antagonist Hans
GYNT "Peer ___" (Ibsen drama that Hans Christian Andersen called "wild and unwholesome")
ZIMMER "Rain Man" scorer Hans
ARP "Shell and Head" sculptor Hans
ZIMMER "The Lion King" composer Hans
FIR "The Little ___ Tree" by Hans Christian Andersen
HABE "The Mission" author Hans
MOLEMAN "The Simpsons" character Hans
LIVE "To travel is to ___": Hans Christian Andersen
WORDS "Where ___ fail music speaks": Hans Christian Andersen
BITTE "You're welcome Hans!"
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