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Crossword Answers : I in Frankfurt
ICH I in Frankfurt
SCHOOL The Frankfurt ___
ALTE ___ Oper (historic concert hall in Frankfurt Germany)
ALTA ___ Oper (historic concert hall in Frankfurt, Germany)
SHTETL ___ sind verhaftet ("You're under arrest," in Frankfurt)
SIE "___ sind verhaftet" ("You're under arrest " in Frankfurt)
NEIN "Fat chance " in Frankfurt
NEIN "Forget it " in Frankfurt
ACH "Oh dear!" in Frankfurt
ESE Antwerp-to-Frankfurt dir.
ERST At first in Frankfurt
ERST At first, in Frankfurt
STENTERS Bombed city north of Frankfurt (6)
KARELIA Bombed city north of Frankfurt.
EURO Change at Frankfurt
ESSEN City near Frankfurt
HANAU City near Frankfurt
ESSEN City NW of Frankfurt
ESSE City NW of Frankfurt
SORAU Commune near Frankfurt
SORA Commune near Frankfurt.
UND Connection at Frankfurt Airport?
VOIDS Debut at the 1979 Frankfurt Auto Show
VOLKSWAGENJETTA Debut at the 1979 Frankfurt Auto Show
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