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Crossword Answers : Host of VH1's "Rap School"
ICES Host of VH1's "Rap School"
ICET Host of VH1's "Rap School"
GHETTOCOWBOY 1998 Mo Thugs rap/country crossover hit that I can actually rap pretty well shockingly
NOISE Rap to rap critics
TRAP Rap genre with "rap" in the name
NOISE Rap, to rap critics
TVMOVIE "High School Musical" or "High School Musical 2 " but not "High School Musical 3"
OLD ___ school (like classic rap)
VHONE "Ice-T's Rap School" airer
OLD "School" of rap
THEPJS Depressed urban area in some old school rap
VCHIP Ice-T's Rap School airer
NWA Old-school rap name
OGS Old-school tough guys in rap songs
ICET VH1's "Rap School" host (2006)
AIM "___ High" (webseries about a secret agent who goes to high school - get it? high? like high school?)
Academician An institution for the study of higher learning; a college or a university. Popularly, a school, or seminary of learning, holding a rank between a college and a common school.
ANAT Course in art school or med school: Abbr.
DARE Elementary school program that convinced us all that older kids would force us to smoke pot in middle school
USC Gamecocks school (or Trojans school)
HOP High school dance back when this puzzle's honoree was in high school
ELEM Kind of school after nursery school: Abbr.
ELECTRICITY Kind of school after nursery school: Abbr.
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