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Crossword Answers : Holy ___
SEE Holy ___
TERRA Holy ___
GRAIL Holy ___
GRADE Holy ___
TERROR Holy ___
SEDATED Holy ___
WRIT Holy ___
BIBLE Holy ___
TERP Holy ___
TOLEDO 'Holy ___!'
PETE 'Holy ___!'
CATHOLIC "... the holy ___ church the forgiveness of sins..."
MOSES "Holy ___ I have been deceived" (Elton John line)
MOSES "Holy ___ I have been removed" (Elton John line)
TOLEDO "Holy ___!"
CATS "Holy ___!"
COW "Holy ___!"
MOLY "Holy ___!"
CRAP "Holy ___!"
GRAIL "Monty Python and the Holy ___"
NIGHT "O holy ___"
ONE "The Holy ___ of God" (Mark 1:24)
WAR Catholics considered their battle against the Protestants as a Holy ___
SEE Holy ___ at Rome
TERROR Holy ___ (awful brat)
WRIT Holy ___ (Bible)
TERROR Holy ___ (brat)
TERROR Holy ___ (bratty little kid)
GRAIL Holy ___ (chalice)
BASIL Holy ___ (herb of Thai cuisine)
GRAIL Holy ___ (Last Supper cup)
GRAF Holy ___ (Last Supper cup)
GRAIL Holy ___ (object of Indiana Jones's quest)
SPIRIT Holy ___ (one of the Trinity)
SEE Holy ___ (Pope's domain)
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