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Crossword Answers : His autobiography was entitled "Impresario"
SOLHUROK His autobiography was entitled "Impresario"
LENO His autobiography was entitled "Leading With My Chin"
SOL ___ Hurok memorable impresario
SOL ___ Hurok, memorable impresario
OPRAH "Everybody gets a car!" impresario
HUROK "Impresario" author
HUROK "Impresario" autobiographer
HUROK "Impresario" autobiographer Sol
HUROK "Impresario" memoirist Sol
FLOZIEGFELD "Show Boat" impresario
MOZART "The Impresario" composer
MOZART "The Impresario" writer
BUFFALOBILL *Wild West impresario
HUROK American impresario Sol
SERGE Ballet impresario Diaghilev
KING Boxing impresario Don
FLO Broadway impresario Ziegfeld
PTAS Circus impresario
BARNUM Circus impresario
PTBARNUM Circus impresario
FEET Circus impresario Irvin and others
FELDS Circus impresario Irvin and others
BARNS Circus impresario.
MARCECKO Clothing impresario who bought Barry Bonds' record-breaking home run ball
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